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CSS Transitions

CSS transitions allow you to animate the original value of a CSS property to a new value over time, controlling the rate at which property values ​​change. Most properties change their values ​​in 16 milliseconds, so the recommended standard transition time is 200ms.

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Box Shadow Generator – Updated

We have just finished updating our popular CSS box shadow generator. You can now add and view multiple shadows to an element and as you could always do previously, change the blur, spread, color (now with opacity) and x and y offsets.

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CSS Gradients – Radial Gradients

Radial gradients are drawn differently from linear gradients. If the linear colors are located perpendicular to the line that sets the direction, then the radial colors diverge from the specified center, and the gradient can take the form of a circle or ellipse.

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CSS Gradients – Linear Gradients

CSS gradients allow you to make a background of two or more colors that smoothly transition from one to the other. They have been with us for quite a long time, and they have very good browser support. Most modern browsers understand them without prefixes, for IE9 and older there is a Gradient Filter, and […]

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HTMLPortal.net Joins CSSPortal.com

Recently we have been moving content from our sister site at HTMLPortal.net. We have finally finished moving everything and hope that you enjoy the new content here. Please be patient while we update all of the new tools and resources and hopefully we can iron out all errors quickly for you.

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CSS Image Filters

We have added a new page to this website to show you some different filters that you can apply to images on your website. These filters are very easy to use and generally you only need to add one or two lines of css code to achieve the desired effects.

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Numbered Lists with CSS

Today we are going to look at creating a numbered list with css. In this example we will be using the counter-reset and counter-increment properties to number our list. You might be thinking, why don’t we just use the ordered list tag (<ol>), yes we could use this tag but you can’t really style the […]

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Lengths in CSS

We’ve just added a new page to our site, check it out here: http://www.cssportal.com/css-lengths, this page will show you various lengths that can be used in CSS. You’ll also be able to see visually the differences when you alter the size of the lengths.

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